Enterprise Project Management

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    Enterprise project managers are in charge of making sure all projects within an organization are meeting expectations. Large companies and organizations may work on dozens of projects at the same time, and these projects may be spread over multiple departments or locations. This collection of projects is called the company project portfolio. Since projects may interact with each other or be affected by other company operations, managing this portfolio can become a complex task.
    Enterprise project managers (EPMs) are trained to effectively manage a company project portfolio. They are skilled at balancing interdependent elements and are well-versed in details that are important to the business or industry in which they work. They are familiar with the market environment surrounding each project, and how each project supports the company mission or goal.
    EPMs can identify when projects conflict or duplicate efforts, and they can recognize underfunded projects that might present an opportunity for the organization. Companies not employing enterprise project management may not be able to act quickly enough to stop loss or capitalize on a potential window of opportunity.

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